One Small Step

That One Small Step is all it takes.

Remember that sentence: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”?

What did it take for Neil Armstrong to step off that Apollo Lunar module? Yes, just one small step, but what a step.

If you consider your life, most major changes start with just one small step.
A new job will possibly commence with looking at an advert or having a conversation with someone; a marriage rarely just happens, we start with a date; a baby’s life begins….well, you get my drift!

Whether our goal in life right now is to get a new job, lose weight or make more money etc it all starts with that one small step, we can sometimes delay the start of our progress by picturing it as a mammoth task ahead and then that old thought “ah well, I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll just check out this email first” pops into our brain!

A way to help overcome this is to look at the very first small step you need to do and then JUST make that first one small step, which can then lead on to a considerable change.

You do then need to keep it up and the best way to do that is to consider how you will feel after each SMALL STEP, don’t go overboard trying to take a great leap all in one go.
That’s when we tend to fall flat on our face.

Think about how Neil Armstrong must have felt when he uttered those words that we all remember back in 1969.

“Its One Small Step for Man One Giant leap for Mankind”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to consider the end goal and how good you will feel once you get there, but if you look at the whole journey to get there, that’s what can put our subconscious into a tizzy and then our subconscious will procrastinate.

Did you know that word procrastinate has been in the English dictionary since the 16th Century? Just shows it’s not just you and me then!

The moral of this story is pretty obvious by now – well I hope it is.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, look at that one small step you have to make and take it, just do it.

Another neat trick is to REALLY imagine what you need to achieve as if you’ve already achieved it. Not just idly, but really consider HOW it will feel? This has the effect of motivating the brain!

What becomes different?

This is a good way of getting your brain to take a good step forward, by considering the beneficial effect once it’s done.

It won’t always work but that won’t matter if, in the grand scheme of things, the small steps you do take once added together equate to a nicely positive leap forward.

Changing your life or patterns of behavior start small before they become big. Your brain learns by a pattern of repetition. Consider how you learned to walk, you kept going even though you fell down many times, you might even have banged your head.

Your brain learns by you repeatedly telling it things or showing it what you want. So start factoring your goals, both large and small, into your thinking on a regular basis. Perhaps write yourself a note somewhere obvious to remind you or set an alarm on your mobile phone that pings up with a “feel good” message.

How much time and energy have you spent contemplating what needs to happen, what needs to change, how bad you feel today having procrastinated, etc? If you actually JUST DO IT you can get rid of those negative thoughts and then you are actually doing it – and that will then give you a great feeling.

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